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Lake County Audubon Society
An Illinois Chapter of the National Audubon Society
The Mission of the Lake County
Audubon Society is Education,
Conservation and Restoration of
natural ecosystems, focusing on birds,
and other wildlife and their habitats for
the benefit of humanity and the earth's
biological diversity
Meetings & Programs

General meetings and programs of the Lake County Audubon are held at 7:30 pm on
the first Monday of the month October through May.  These meetings / programs are
open to the public as well as members and are typically held in the second floor
meeting room of the Libertyville Village Hall, located at 118 W. Cook Street.

General Meeting

October 6, 2014


Presented by
Frank Pascoe
Provost and Professor of Biology at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Il.

7:30 pm
Libertyville Village Hall
118 W. Cook St.
Second Floor Meeting Room
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Eagles Visiting Almond
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"A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand" see Audubon Outlook article by Glen Moss
(Dec-Jan 2012)
Volunteers for the Lake County Forest Preserve have been planting shrubs in various preserves
throughout the county as part of their reforestation plan to restore some sites back to their
natural prairies and savannas.
Tag here, to view a list of these native shrubs

Lake County Bluebirds
Need Your Help
Changing Winter Gulls by Jim
Know you Mergansers by Jim
Added Video
Birdscaping in the Liberty Prairie Reserve                                                by Paul Geiselhart
Two of this year’s programs, Laura Rericha with Insects and Plants: an Intricate Relationship (March) and
Susanne Masi, Plants of Concern (May) are about the importance of native plants and their animal

Lake County Audubon Society (LCAS) is pleased to announce a special program that supports this theme,
building on the plant/animal relationship and the need to improve that relationship. We will do this by seeding
high value native plants in our local Liberty Prairie Reserve.   

Society members are currently working with the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission, Libertyville Township
Open Space District, and Conserve Lake County to build a Birdscaping Program for a selected area within the
Reserve. The property is located south of Casey Road and east of Rte. 21.

Over the last few months, we have identified over a dozen native forbs and grasses that will help build the
plant/animal habitat in the designated area, which is currently undergoing restoration. By replacing invasives
with high value plants, we will be encouraging animal habitat and providing high-nutrition food and shelter for
animals including birds.

The Society is raising funds to purchase native plant seeds for installation during May or June. Our goal is to
plant up to six acres in the protected nature preserve areas where invasive plants such as buckthorn and
honeysuckle are being removed. The plan is to install the seeds so that the mature plants will be visible from
the existing prairie trails. More importantly, we will select plants that will bloom and produce food during
different seasons in order to encourage migratory bird stopovers in future years.

The Birdscaping Program supports the trend and demonstrates the benefit of native plants that can support
unique animal habitat while improving the wildlife/birding experience as visitors hike the trails.  

We invite you to be part of our Birdscaping Program by donating and/or volunteering to help on-site.  Checks
should be made out to LCAS and notated accordingly.   If you have questions or wish to volunteer, please email
us at

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Tag Here to see 2 page PDF of Bird-Friendly Grasses and Forbs that will be used in Liberty Prairie Reserve
Keep track of the Birds in your backyard and add your information
to a web site tag on
e-birds for more information and to get started
If you would like to
submit a photo you
took to be added to
the Lake County
Audubon WEB Site,
please read the
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sightings and other information of the Lake
County Audubon Society
Twenty-three volunteers recently labored for four hours while planting 160 trees and
shrubs on a portion of Libertyville Township Open Space.

Volunteers of all ages worked as part of a two-year project initiated by the Lake
County Audubon Society.

Called "Birdscaping the Liberty Prairie Reserve," the program began in 2012 with
native seeds planted along the trails that wind through the area south of Casey Road
and west of the Casey Farm. The program was advanced with the cooperation of
Libertyville Township, under the leadership of Supervisor Kathleen O'Connor.

The project was funded with matching funds donated by the society and a private local
"The goal of the second phase, funded in the same way, is to plant high-quality native
shrubs and trees along the trail to provide and expand habitat, food, and shelter for
birds and other animals," said Paul Geiselhart, who originated the project.

"These plants are to provide animals with high-energy food during different seasons
of the year," Geiselhart added.

Other benefits of the project include stabilization of the stream bank and erodible
areas in the Liberty Prairie Reserve, and educating residents of Lake County about
the importance of native plants that support unique animal habitat.

This will enhance the experience of hiking the Millennium Trail system with
connections to Independence Grove Forest Preserve.

The shrubs and trees, including a variety of oaks, have been tagged and fenced to
protect them from deer damage, and township employees will water the plants early
in the growing season as needed.
The volunteers are members of the Lake County Audubon Society and Conserve
Lake County, with local residents and others interested in helping to improve the
area that had once been a dairy pasture.

Visit for more photos of the planting day or visit the
Facebook page for information on upcoming events and birding in Lake County at
Birdscaping in Libertyville Township Open Space
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Using the "Spider Watching at Midewin" brochure as a guide, this
presentation will introduce you to the amazing world of spider watching.
Types of spider webs and habitat, common spider families and species, and
spider behavior will all be explored with an emphasis on jumping spiders
(Salticidae). On-going research projects with undergraduates at the
University of St. Francis, including impact of prescribed burns on spiders
and spider reproductive strategies, will be included.

Frank Pascoe is currently Provost and Professor of Biology at the
University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL.  He has studied the spiders of the
Chicago region since 1996 when he began an inventory of spiders in Will
County including Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. His research includes
a taxonomic revision of the jumping spider genus Salticus,  an evolutionary
behavior study of the dimorphic jumping spider Maevia inclemens, and a
long-term project on the impact of prescribed burns on tallgrass prairie.
His greatest joy is introducing people to the world of spider watching.